Dreilinden Landscape Park Living and Housing in Old Age


Living and housing in old age. Dreilinden's guiding principle on corporate identity is also consistently adhered to in the design of open spaces. With the modern extension, the garden was also designed according to the latest findings for nursing homes.

The outdoor rooms can be used all year round. They extend the living space into the open air. In the dementia garden, a circular path leads through the shady fruit tree grove, accompanied by numerous seating areas and a trellis, overgrown with climbing plants. This wraps in gentle curves through the entire garden. Umbrella-shaped hornbeams surround the seating area.

A large part of the paths and squares is paved with tartan covering. Due to its sure-footedness and attenuation properties, it is ideal for older people. In the publicly accessible garden area, contact between residents, visitors, and the neighborhood is explicitly desired.

A large wooden deck is used as an outdoor restaurant and conveys Mediterranean flair on the water. In front of it, in the shadow of the three large lime trees, lies a small district plaza, the ideal place for encounters between young and old.

Planning and execution from 2009–2013

Area of landscape design: approx. 4,500 m² (48,500 sf)