Private Garden Maintenance

The secret of a harmonious and homely garden is its maintenance and care.

Your garden, like every human being, is at a certain stage of life. We are happy to accompany you through the garden year with expert advice and maintenance measures.

With our maintenance subscriptions, we manage your garden maintenance so that the necessary work is carried out at exactly the right time. This saves you time and money.

A well-groomed appearance of your green areas has a value-enhancing effect on your property.


  • Wood Plant Maintenance
    • 1st-2nd growing year: control of mounting (stakes, ropes)
    • 3rd-5th growing year: shape pruning
    • 5th-xth growing year: maining and thinning out pruning
  • Rose Maintenance
    • Pruning spring and fall
    • Remounting cut
    • Fertilization
    • Plant protection
  • Hedge Trimming
    • Fast-growing hedges: summer and autumn pruning by hand/machine
    • Slow-growing hedges: autumn pruning by hand/machine
    • Fertilization
    • Plant protection
  • Perennial and ornamental grass maintenance
    • 1st-3rd growing year: weeding during the growing season every 4-8 weeks
    • 3rd-xth growing year: weeding every 8-12 weeks during vegetation year
  • Seasonal planting for permanent flower decoration
    • once a year for the summer or winter season
    • twice a year for the summer and winter season
  • Terrace Greening
    • Spring pruning on perennials and wood plants
    • Fertilization
    • Refill substrate
    • Complementary plantings
  • Lawn Maintenance
    • aerify every three years
    • dethatching annually after the third growing year
    • Fertilization 1-3 x annually
    • Lawn cutting every 1-3 weeks
    • Plant protection and combating weeds
  • Topiary Plants
    • Topiary cut 1-2 x annually
  • Moor (peat moss area)
    • Fertilization
    • Pruning
    • Refill substrate
  • Biological and conventional plant protection


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Maintenance Packages

Your maintenance package with us can be customized to your needs. From once a year to weekly services, we are here for you.


Custom Maintenance

Please feel free to contact us. From 1x a year to weekly assignments, we are happy to be there for you.

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Garden Design

If individual areas in your garden need to be replanted, we will be happy to advise you.


Tree care with rope climbing technique

If you have large trees in your garden that need professional pruning or maintenance, please contact us.


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Christophe Rentzel-Salathé

Eidg. Dipl. Landscape Architect HTL

«Designing gardens is my calling.»

Iris Salathé Rentzel

Business Owner, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors

Planting Specialist
Eidg. Dipl. Landscape Architect HTL

«Plantings are my joy and challenge in order to find the best solution especially for all customers.»

Norman Kiefer

Head of Landscape Architecture
Dipl. Kaderfachmann BEM FHBB

«We also solve complicated details with passion.»

Alois Leute

Head of Maintenance, Planting Specialist
Dipl. Ing. Landespflege FH

«Plants - my passion. Designing with colors and shapes in the change of the seasons is exciting and challenging.»

Philipp Salathé

Construction Manager Maintenance 2

«Big name, large customer base, good location.»

Sibylle Gubler

Head of HR and Finance

«It motivates me every day that I can make my contribution to the perfect garden in the office.»

Matthias Weber

Head of New Installations, MA Design

«From the idea via design to implementation - I am happy to accompany you.»

Mathieu Morgen

Andreas Engelmann

Construction Manager in Training, Maintenance 1

Discover our references

Rooftop Terrace in Basel

The plant troughs with the rough rust-like surface were combined with smooth troughs in the same shade.


Garden in Riehen

The existing garden with old trees was carefully rebuilt and opened to the landscape.


Garden in Arlesheim

The approximately 1.900 m2 (20.500 sf) garden, created in the early 1990s, is located in a single-family house district in the vicinity of Basel.