Novartis Campus


The St. Johann plant is converted from a production site into a "Campus of Knowledge".

According to the master plans of V.M. Lampugnani and Peter Walker, we were able to implement various landscape areas (Areas 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12). The builder is very demanding and requests top performance from the planners and contractors. There are many new developments and specialties. The environment is very sensitive, and the greatest caution and consideration must be given to the visitors, the employees, and the buildings that have already been built. Above all, dust and noise emissions must be reduced to a minimum.

The communication between the builders, the various domestic and foreign architects, landscape architects, offices, committees, and construction logistics is very important and demanding so that the common goal is achieved in the end.

Execution: 2000 – 2021
Area of landscape design: approx. 60,000 m² (645,850 sf)
Planners involved:

  • PWP Landscape Architecture
  • Various international architects
  • Rapp Infra AG