Postplatz Roundabout


A translucent fiberglass sculpture on the newly designed Postplatz roundabout provides fascinating plays of lights during the day and at night. The object absorbs the dynamics of the surrounding road users and interacts with the alternating lighting and weather conditions.

Depending on the time of day and the location of the road user, the sculpture presents itself in a completely new color and light outlook. The formal language of the sculpture is also reminiscent of the typical Oberwil village symbol, the "Schnägg" (the snail). In the course of the new traffic routing around the Postplatz roundabout, new green areas were also created along the traffic routes. These were densely greened in contrast to the architecturally designed circular roundabout.

Execution 2008
Area of landscape design: 420 m² (4,500 sf)
Planners involved:

  • Salathé Landscape Architecture
  • Dill&Partner AG Engineering Office
  • Rudolf Keller&Partner Traffic Planner