Senior Residence Lausen


In Lausen, there are many single-family houses, which are often inhabited by older people in pairs or alone. These people are increasingly looking for good and cozy apartments, as the maintenance and size of single-family homes become too much in old age.

To meet the new requirements of today, high-quality, comfortable apartments for seniors have been built in Lausen. The environment is clean and functional. The main entrance is marked by a high stem tree, which is reflected several times in bush form in the courtyard. The parking lot and the street are separated from the private gardens by a clipped hedge.

In these, there are perennial beds, light large shrubs, and climbing roses on trellis frames, which gently separate the gardens from each other. In the courtyard, the views are filtered through large shrubs and divided into different rooms with the help of hedges, perennials, and water basins. These different rooms invite you to get together, to celebrate, or to linger. So that the courtyard can be used all year round, fixed gravel was installed.

Planning and execution from 2008–2009 and 2015–2016
Area of surrounding design: approx. 1,600 m² (17,250 sf)