Family Urn Grave Maintenance as a Package

Please see our three variations below. We will gladly advise you.



Our services:

  • Planting with pensées or
  • Planting with Bellis and Calluna


Our services:

  • Planting with begonias or
  • Planting with impatiens and fuchsias


Our services:

  • Covering with branches of fir


1st year

Our services:

  • On-site meeting
  • Initial planting
  • 3x grave maintenance

Starting from the 2nd year

Our services:

  • 3x grave maintenance


Permanent planting incl. maintenance (according to individual offer)

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Christophe Rentzel-Salathé

Eidg. Dipl. Landscape Architect HTL

«Designing gardens is my calling.»

Iris Salathé Rentzel

Business Owner, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors

Planting Specialist
Eidg. Dipl. Landscape Architect HTL

«Plantings are my joy and challenge in order to find the best solution especially for all customers.»

Norman Kiefer

Head of Landscape Architecture
Dipl. Kaderfachmann BEM FHBB

«We also solve complicated details with passion.»

Alois Leute

Head of Maintenance, Planting Specialist
Dipl. Ing. Landespflege FH

«Plants - my passion. Designing with colors and shapes in the change of the seasons is exciting and challenging.»

Philipp Salathé

Construction Manager Maintenance 2

«Big name, large customer base, good location.»

Sibylle Gubler

Head of HR and Finance

«It motivates me every day that I can make my contribution to the perfect garden in the office.»

Matthias Weber

Head of New Installations, MA Design

«From the idea via design to implementation - I am happy to accompany you.»

Mathieu Morgen

Andreas Engelmann

Construction Manager in Training, Maintenance 1